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"LOST": A Retrospective

Posted by ashmh on 2010.05.26 at 19:11

"LOST": A Retrospective

I wrote this ARTICLE about "LOST" and the series finale.


Did anyone else do a potluck on Sunday?

Posted by tone_milazzo on 2010.05.25 at 16:16
Dharma spread for Lost final show

(post your pictures in the comments)


A Long Time, Down a Crooked Path

Posted by ckirkman on 2010.05.25 at 12:50
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Previously, on Lost:
Goodbye to all my friends at home,
Goodbye to people I've trusted,
I've got to go out and make my way,
I might get rich you know I might get busted,
But my heart keeps calling me backwards,
As I get on the 707,
Riding high I got tears in my eyes,
You know you got to go through hell,
Before you get to heaven,

Big ol' jet airliner,
Don't carry me too far away,
Oh big ol' jet airliner,
Cause it's here that I've got to stay...

Break out your Kleenex, this is my final post...Collapse )


The Long Goodbye

Posted by ckirkman on 2010.05.20 at 11:48
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Previously, on Lost: Sawyer screwed the pooch on the sub, sabotaging Shephard's straight-shooting speech and subsequently sending Sayid towards suicide. The sub shook and shimmied and Shephard saved Sawyer, while Sun and her suitor sucked seawater and said sayonara. Shephard and the sole survivors soon sobbed.

This week, on Lost: As many a time before over the past six seasons, we open on an eye. Jack's, to be exact. We soon see that he's not waking up in a jungle, or trapped inside a Dharma aquarium, or bearded and hopped up on goofballs. No, this is AlternaJack, and he's got quite the life, now. It's morning in LA X, and Dr. Shephard makes his way to the bathroom. Once there, he notices something very peculiar, indeed.

Click here - way down at the bottom, you might even find your name.Collapse )

James "Sawyer" Ford and the Art of Illusion

Posted by ashmh on 2010.05.16 at 21:18


Following my viewing of (6.14) "The Candidate", I wrote this ARTICLE about Sawyer.



Posted by asavitzk on 2010.05.14 at 17:52
Another YEAHHHH!!!!Collapse )


He's Not Heavy, He's My Smoke Monster

Posted by ckirkman on 2010.05.13 at 10:56
Current Mood: weirdweird
I'll just leave this here:

Retcon - "Retroactive Continuity" v. to retroactively revise (a plot, storyline, character, event, history, etc.), usually by reinterpreting past events, or by theorizing how the present would be different if past events had not happened or had happened differently. See: Crisis on Infinite Earths; Wolverine's bone claws; Greedo shoots first.

Mommy Dearest, bad twins, golden showers and Marcellus Wallace's lost soul awaits...Collapse )

"LOST" Bloopers - Seasons Three to Five

Posted by ashmh on 2010.05.11 at 09:04
Here are links to video clips featuring bloopers from "LOST": Read more...Collapse )

"Who Ordered the Purge of the DHARMA Initiative?"

Posted by ashmh on 2010.05.07 at 14:31


With the end of the series only about four episodes away, I decided to dig up an old mystery that has yet to be solved. I wrote this ARTICLE about the DHARMA Initiative Purge, featured in Season 3's (3.20) "The Man Behind the Curtain".

Spoilers for episodes through 6x05 (Lighthouse)Collapse )

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